We researched our ideas...

Today we revisited the first idea that we had at the end of last week...

We think: 
That the sun is the moon. 

Before researching our idea, six children said that they thought that the sun was the moon, whilst ten children said that they were two separate objects. 

We thought of the different ways we could find the answer, then decided that reading one of the books we had on space, could help us. We read the following two pages. 

We then asked the same children whether their idea had changed, after reading the pages above. The six children replied that the moon is wet and rocky and the sun is very hot, so the sun is not the moon.  

Open House - August 2016

Blast off!!!

We have been learning about rockets. We know that they fly to outer space. We have also learnt the different planet names. We can name Mercury, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto the Moon and the Sun. 

We think: 
That the sun is the moon. 
The moon can change shape. 

We are going to investigate our ideas next week to see if they are true or false. 

Making planets

We are starting to create the rocket ship. 

" I am helping to put the rocket up"

 "I see the stars". 

"I am being the controller." 

We are The Happy Horses!

Last week we decided to be called, The Happy Horses!
This week, we met up with our 'Buddy' class, The Diving Dolphins in Grade Two.  

As this was the first time we were meeting them, we played with them in our classroom, so that we could get to know them. 

We visited Kindergarten!

Today, we visited Kindergarten, to prepare ourselves for the upcoming school year. We searched for all the items on their lists, before ticking them off. We observed what was new and what was familiar to us from Preschool. 

Our list:

We had to look for each item in the Kindergarten hallway.

We ticked each item off as we found it.

Ms. Emily, one of the Kindergarten teachers, welcomed us into her classroom.

Sweet Pizza!

Yesterday, we made sweet pizza!

We used bread, chocolate sauce, which we put over the bread and then strawberries, kiwi and bananas, for our toppings.